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Breakfast Catering

Breakfast Catering order cut off is 3 pm the day before

Small Serves 8-10   Medium Serves 12-15   Large Serves 15-18

Breakfast Sandwiches
  S• $60   M• $90   L• $108
1/2 Dozen Bulk $32

Try our traditional black forest ham, cheddar cheese and perfectly fried egg on a fresh English muffin or spice up your morning with bacon, pepper jack cheese and fried egg on a made from scratch buttermilk biscuit.

Choose your favorite or our assortment!

Breakfast Burritos
  S• $64   M• $96   L• $120
1/2 Dozen Bulk $43.50

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and green onions with sausage, pepper jack cheese and hash browns in a warm jalapeño cheddar wrap.

Served with house made salsa & white queso

Breakfast Sandwiches & Burritos
  S• $64   M• $96   L• $120

Have it all with an assortment of our breakfast sandwiches and burritos.

Biscuits & Gravy
  S• $45   M• $67.50   L• $81

Hot and hearty... buttermilk biscuits made from scratch, served with regular or sausage gravy, butter, and jam.

Hot Breakfast Casserole $55  
Serves approx. 10-12 
Egg, sausage, sautéed onion, potatoes, colby jack cheese
Fruit & Yogurt
S• $50   M• $75   L• $90
Fruit Salad
S• $40   M• $60   L• $72
Not Your Momma's Oatmeal
  S• $45   M• $60   L• $72

All the makings to create the perfect breakfast parfait. Served with granola

Fresh fruit salad made from apples, grapes, oranges and pineapples. Garnished with seasonal fruit.

Your choice of creamy overnight oats made with Amelia Creamery Yogurt, or our warm homemade maple brown sugar oatmeal.

Bakery Assortment
S• $45   M• $67.50   L• $81

A tasty array of freshly baked goodies that changes seasonally.  Your assortment may include coffee cake, Danish, tea breads, bagels, and muffins. Served with butter and jam

Bakery Assortment with Fruit Salad
  S• $85   M• $127.50   L• $153

Our bakery assortment served with fresh fruit salad.

Cinnamon Streusel
Coffee Cake 
  Whole $35
  Slice $5
Cinnamon Rolls        
$12 per 1/2 Doz               
Buttermilk Biscuits
$12 per 1/2 Doz


Individual Juice
 $2 per bottle 
Hot Coffee   $20

Fresh brewed into 96 ounce carry out carafe. 

Served with sweeteners, cream, stirrers and cups

Iced Coffee   $25 per gallon  

Our specialty cold brew made from fresh ground coffee beans.  Order black with sugar and cream or try a flavored cold brew latte!

Iced Tea $10 per gallon
Sweet Tea $15 per gallon
SporTea $15 per gallon
Lemonade $15 per gallon
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