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Party Catering 

 Hors D'oeuvres for Your Next Event
Trays come presented, garnished and ready to serve.
Sm serves 15-20      Lg serves 25-35

Cocktail Hour 

Give Me a Dollar Roll Tray
S• $48      L•$90


Hawaiian rolls filled with our most popular Boar's Head meats and cheeses or with our marinated beef tenderloin

With Beef Tenderloin S•$65   L•$125

Domestic Cheese
S•$65      L•$100
Add Extra Fruit S•+$25   L•+$35

Cubed Cheeses presented and garnished with fresh seasonal fruit 

S•$30      L•$50
S•$45      L•$80


Bite-size meatballs served with your choice of marinara, Griller sauce, or BBQ sauce

*Ready to heat and serve

We can heat for a $10 fee

S•$70      L•$120


An assortment of Boar's Head meats and cheeses in flavored tortillas, quartered. 

Shrimp Cocktail
S•$60      L•$120


Citrus poached shrimp presented with fresh lemons

Served with our house cocktail sauce

S•$45      L•$70

Fresh seasonal vegetables served with your choice of hummus, dill dip or spinach dip

Classic Spirals
S•$35      L•$60

Flavored tortilla wraps filled with our jalapeño pimento cheese, rolled and cut into bite-size pieces. Served with our house salsa


add boar's head deli meat

S•+$12      L•+$24

Meat and Cheese Tray
S• $70      L•$120

Boar's Head meats and cheese, dijon, yellow mustard and mayo.

S•$22.50      L•$37.50
Lambrusco'z Cheese
S•$75      L•$125
Add Extra Fruit S•+$25   L•+$35

Pesto torta, cheddar spread and boursin presented and garnished with fresh seasonal fruit 


S•$30      L•$50

Artichoke Dip
S•$40      L•$70

Everyone's favorite party dip made with artichokes and parmesan

Served with pita wedges

*Ready to heat and serve

We can heat for a $10 fee

Santa Fe Chips and Dip
S•$45      L•$70

Our famous white queso and house salsa with your choice of bean dip or black bean salsa

Served with tri-colored tortilla chips

Pita Wedges and Dips
S•$30      L•$45

Your choice of spinach dip, sun-dried tomato dip, corn dip, or hummus.

Served with pita wedges

Fresh Fruit Tray
S•$70      L•$110

Sliced Fruit presented and garnished 

served with fruit dip 

S•$45      L•$75


All entrees are presented on trays to serve cold.
They may be packaged to heat and eat upon request.
Mixed Grill
S•$225      L•$375

Beef tenderloin, marinated grilled chicken, pork tenderloin (when available), garlic cheese melt, caprese, provolone and boursin

Served with an assortment of rolls

Smoked Salmon
S•$80      L•$150


Smoked salmon garnished with diced onions, eggs, cucumbers and capers 

Served with dill dip and sliced baguette

*24 hour notice required

Marinated Beef Tenderloin
S•$175      L•$245


Marinated beef tenderloin served with garlic cheese melt and horseradish mayo and chimichurri 

•$22.50      L•$37.50

Whole Roasted Salmon Side

Served with Dill Dip

Casserole Meal Deal
S•$45      L•$110

Choose from the Mary Brett, Beef Lasagna, Chicken Spinach Enchiladas or Tex Mex

Served with salad and your choice of garlic bread or chips and salsa.

*Read to Heat & Serve

small feeds 3-4    large feeds 8-10

+$3 for Sm Beef Lasagna   +$5 for Lg Beef Lasagna

We can heat for a $10 fee

Looking for other dinner options? 
Shop our Chef's Case for daily selections. 


$25 per dozen

Tuscan beef tenderloin, salmon, ham and veggies on fresh bread rounds

Tea Sandwiches
$25 for 16 pieces

Small triangle cut sandwiches with assorted fillings

Add a tray and serving utensil for $6.50

Petite Buffet

$400 Bulk or $600 Presented
Serves 20-25

Beautifully styled, bite-size appetizers for your next cocktail hour.  Includes cocktail shrimp "shooters", chef selected canapés, caprese skewers, crudités with dip "shooters" and more

Dessert Petite Buffet
$250 Bulk or $375 Presented


Dessert Trays

S•$50      L•$80

Choose from an assorted Cookie Tray, a Bar Dessert Tray to include magic squares, our signature brownies and assortment of dessert bars halved and presented, or a mixture of both with a Bar & Cookie Tray 

Charcuterie Boxes

A chef selected assortment of meats, cheeses, fruits, and other seasonal items. Served with crackers.

Individual Box with Boxed Crackers
(serves 1-2) $25

Deluxe Box with Cracker Assortment
(serves 4-6) $65

Premium Box with Cracker Assortment
(serves 10+) $135

Kid's Charcuterie Box
(serves 1-2) $10


Grazing Tray

Serves 20-25

An impressive charcuterie style spread sure to wow your guests. Includes artisan cheeses, cured meats, dips, specialty crackers, crudités and more 

For larger crowds talk to our catering staff about a grazing table.
We have a large selection of a la carte items available to grab and go.  Ask our staff about dip combo ideas.
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