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Moveable Feast

 Small serves 20-25
Bulk $200
Presented $325

 Large serves 40-50
Bulk $400
Presented $535

Specialty Soft Cheeses or Domestic Cheeses

An assortment of our house cheeses to include pesto torta, cheddar spread with strawberry sauce and boursin or an assortment of cubed and sliced Boar's Head cheeses

Served with specialty crackers, Lahvosh and crostini

Classic Spirals

Flavored tortilla wraps filled with our jalapeño pimento cheese, rolled and cut into bite-size pieces

Everything you need for your party in one stop. 

Fresh seasonal vegetables Served with spinach dip

Shrimp Cocktail

Large citrus poached shrimp

Served with fresh lemon wedges and our house cocktail sauce

Santa Fe Chips and Dips

Our famous white queso, black bean salsa, our house salsa and tri-colored tortilla chips

Pita Wedges and Dip 

Sliced pita served with sun-dried tomato dip

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