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Party Catering 

Trays come presented, garnished and ready to serve 10 people

Cocktail Hour 

Lambrusco'z Cheese $60      
Add Extra Fruit +$15   

Pesto torta, cheddar spread and boursin presented and garnished with fresh seasonal fruit 

Domestic Cheese $45
Add Extra Fruit +$15

Cubed Cheeses presented and garnished with fresh seasonal fruit 

Brie $45      

Whipped brie topped with seasonal topping and garnished with fresh fruit ​

Wraps $45      

An assortment of Boar's Head meats and cheeses in flavored tortillas, quartered. 

Crudite $30

Fresh seasonal vegetables served with your choice of hummus, dill dip or spinach dip

Shrimp Cocktail $60

Poached shrimp presented with fresh lemons

Served with our house cocktail sauce

Artichoke Dip $40

Everyone's favorite party dip made with artichokes and parmesan

Served with pita wedges

*Ready to heat and serve

Give Me a Dollar Roll Tray $45

Hawaiian rolls filled with our most popular Boar's Head meats and cheeses or with our marinated beef tenderloin for $65

Meatballs $25

Bite-size meatballs served with your choice of marinara, Griller or BBQ sauce

*Ready to heat and serve

Santa Fe Chips and Dip $40

Our famous white queso and house salsa with your choice of bean dip or black bean salsa

Served with tri-colored tortilla chips

Pita Wedges and Dips $25

Your choice of spinach dip, sun dried tomato dip, corn dip, or hummus

Served with pita wedges

Fresh Fruit Tray $50 

Sliced Fruit presented and garnished 

Served with Amelia Yogurt fruit dip 


Classic $35   

Flavored tortilla wraps filled with our jalapeno pimento cheese, rolled and cut into bite-size pieces. Served with our house salsa


With Boar's Head deli meat $47

Olive and Boursin $35
Flavored tortilla wraps filled with olives and boursin

With Boar's Head deli meat


Dinner Hour

All entrees are presented on trays to serve cold.
They may be packaged to heat and eat upon request.
Mixed Grill $175

Beef tenderloin, marinated grilled chicken, pork tenderloin (when available), garlic cheese melt, caprese, provolone and boursin

Served with an assortment of rolls

Marinated Beef Tenderloin $175

Marinated beef tenderloin served with garlic cheese melt and horseradish mayo and chimichurri

Choose from the Mary Brett, Beef Lasagna, Chicken Spinach Enchiladas or Tex Mex

Served with salad and garlic bread or chips and salsa

Casserole Meal Deal $120
Smoked Salmon Side $95

Smoked salmon garnished with diced onions, eggs, cucumbers and capers 

Served with dill dip and sliced baguette

*24 hour notice required

Whole Roasted Salmon Side $90

Served with dill dip, capers and fresh lemons

Looking for other dinner options? 
Shop our chef's case for daily selections. 


Bar & Cookie Tray $30   

Magic squares, our signature brownies and an assortment of dessert bars and cookies presented on a tray

Cookie Tray $24

An assortment of our house made snickerdoodle, oatmeal, buffalo chip, soft ginger, peanut butter, and gluten free chocolate chocolate cookies presented


$25 per dozen

Tuscan beef tenderloin, salmon, ham and veggies on fresh bread rounds

Tea Sandwiches
$25 for 16 pieces

Charcuterie Boxes

Individual Size Box $20

Whole Cake $30

Choose from Italian Cream Cake, Carrot Cake or Chocolate Carrot Cake

Assorted Cookies Boxed
$12 per baker's dozen
Assorted Bars Boxed
$13 per box of nine

Chef selected assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, dip, and more. Includes Elki boxed crackers.

Box for 4-6 $65

Chef selected assortment of meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, dip, and more. Includes a box of assorted crackers.

Kid's Box $10

Assortment of cubed cheeses, ham, turkey, grapes, apples, pickles. Served with Elki boxed crackers.

We have a large selection of a la carte items available to grab and go.  Ask our staff about dip combo ideas.
Add a tray and serving utensil for 6.50

Add a box of assorted crackers $8

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